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"I've been doing the Boot Camp DVD for 8 weeks now, 3 times a week and I love it! I do the 20 minute workouts and feel great! If it were any other instructor I would be bored watching the same things over and over, but because it's Sandi I am constantly entertained!"   Lindsay- Ontario, Canada

"I googled Cardio-Box workouts and watched several utube videos and saw Sandi's Cardio-Box/Sculpt dvd workout!  It was similar to my classes I take in Michigan & Florida.  I am SO looking forward to following the workout!"  Janet  - Florida, US

" The Cardio Sculpt workout is my favorite...I do it up to 3 times a week!"  Kirsten - Winnipeg, Canada

" I lost 11 pounds & 5.5 inches doing Sandi's Boot Camp Workouts!   You can see my whole transformation at the beginning of the Boot Camp DVD."  Marsha - Winnipeg, Canada

" I've been in Sandi's classes since 2007 and I'm even the Boot Camp DVD!  When I can't make it to classes I do the Boot Camp DVD workout at home!  You can see my transformation of weight loss and toning on the DVD:)"   Toni - Winnipeg, Canada

" I've tried many yoga and pilates videos at home...but I found I could never keep up. I was so happy to get Sandi's  Fusion dvd for a christmas gift last year.  Her instruction is so clear and it was great to see the different levels."  Danny - Winnipeg, Canada

“OMG!!! What a good workout!  It was tough but got the heart rate going and didn't take more than 1 hr. Thanks so much Sandi! So happy I found you!”  -  Kelly