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FAQ's Page

1. Why should I pay for a personal trainer?

A qualified trainer can help guide you on how to safely, efficiently and effectively achieve your health & lifestyle goals. If you are new to exercise or unsure about what to do, they can teach you the proper and most efficient way to exercise. If you are experienced they can help you break through training plateaus and boredom. A trainer provides personalised customer service and convenience by working around your schedule, even coming to your home. They have experience with situations just like yours, and can provide you with support, motivation, knowledge and the expertise needed to get you on your way to a healthier lifestyle. How much do you invest every month to repair and operate your car? Why would you not invest in something much more valuable, yourself?

2. Can I get in shape with one personal training session per week?

Yes, but it all depends on what you are doing in between our sessions. We will give you a detailed description and images of the exercises so that you can do them on your own. Like most things in life, reward comes from effort and if you are doing nothing until we meet again then it is that much more difficult to see results. On the other hand, if you are working hard at the exercises on your own, then as you master them, we will be able to change them up more frequently to increase the degree of difficulty and keep you challenged.

3. What equipment do I need to bring to a fitness class?

Unless you are doing an outdoor Boot Camp class, you don’t have to bring any equipment to class as we supply all equipment required for each class stylel.

4. Do I have to be in shape to join a class?

You will need to be in basic shape to carry out the moves required in class.  But the idea is to “get in shape” in the classes .  All Classes are designed for all levels of fitness and modifications are added so everyone can participate at their own level.

5. Do I have to sign up for an entire session or can I just pick the dates I’d like to attend a fitness class.

Full registration for a session is required as there are minimum requirements for classes to run.  In order to pay for instructors and programming partial signups are not permitted.  However, drop-ins are allowed at a rate of $15 per class  (space permitting).

6. Where do I park?

Parking is permitted in front on Henderson Hwy and on side streets Devon and Oakland.

7. Are there showers onsite?

No, we do not have showers, but do have washroom for changing.

8. What happened if you miss a class?

We offer class makeups within the same session.

9. Can I get a Refund or Exchange or Credit?

We don not give Refund or Exchange or Credit.

10.Fitness Class Drop-ins & Make-ups are on a first come first serve basis(space permitting)..

11.All necessary fitness equipment required for classes are provided by Body Balance...except for outdoor boot camp classes(in summer months).