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ISuccess story of Mr.Eric Payment

I’ve had back problems since I was 15...pain while walking, muscle spasms, it hurt to laugh, cough & I would hope and pray that I woudn't sneeze.  While going to college, I would on a regular basis have to arrive late because I physically couldn't get out of bed.  I would have to spend a few hours waiting for my muscles to warm up enough so that they wouldn't go into spasms while I rode the bus.  I took little steps, walked very slow, could not reach below my knees.  I was in constant pain and I gained a lot of weight.  I was getting constant massage and chiropractic treatments which helped a lot but wouldn't last for more than a few days.  I graduated college to become a Registered Massage Therapist so I could help people like me.  That's when I got hired at Body Balance.

Sandi would say "why not try fitness? do a few classes!"  I could shed some of my extra pounds and it might be easier on my back and maybe get some more mobility in my body.  I thought she was nuts!  After a few months of nudging I started with one class a week (cardio sculpt).  Sandi modified everything for me so that I could do it with the class.  I would do all of my ab exercises standing along with stretching (I could not lay on the floor); all of the high impact moves were lessened to save my poor back.  After a few months I added a yoga class for more mobility, which was heavily modified with a chair.  Later I added another class (cardio-box/sculpt) and also a boot camp class.

Then in 2010, finally my doctors had figured out that my spine and ribs had fused awhile ago from a disease called Ankylosing Spondylitis, which is a disease that turns the soft tissues of your axial skeleton into bone.  Best case scenario I would stay like  I was, worst case..... it would degenerate and I would have to stop working and working out.  Sandi was determined to keep me positive and working out as long as I was physically able and my doctors said it was ok.

At my heaviest I was 260 lbs, I am now 200 lbs.  I am slimmer, in shape, I only modify a few of my exercises, I do 4 fitness classes a week, I do most of the exercises that my peers do in in the classes, I have more enregy!!!  None of this was easy..... most people are lucky to get this kind of support from their families, let alone from where you work.  I can walk without pain but I barely notice now....because now I can RUN!:)   Eric Payment, Participant/Registered Massage Therapist - BODY BALANCE.

Success story of  Marsha Kitzul

Marsha Kitzul was getting ready to get married....and wanted to lose those last 10 POUNDS!  We helped her do that and more! Marsha lost a total of 11 pounds & 5.5 inches doing Boot Camp classes!  Great Job Marsha...hard work pays off!.

You can see Marsha's video testimonial & hear her personal experience on the Body Balance Boot Camp Workout DVD on sale now!!!

Success story of Toni Rondinone

Toni Rondinone says when she first started classes....she coudn't do a crunch or a pushup! Now she has worked her way up to 3 classes/week (cardio-box & boot camps) & joins us at Fitness Events and has participated in our Boot Camp Workout DVD! You can see Toni's video testimonial & hear her personal story on the Body Balance Boot Camp Workout DVD on sale now!!!

Success story of Sandi Knox & Sheldon Gephter (owners / operators of Body Balance)

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"I'm over 50 and thought I could never change my body, but with Sandi's help I did and feel great!"- Helly Hardt.

"At age 46 this is the best shape I've ever been in & I wore a Bikini in Hawaii 2008!" - Jana Baron

"I am 54 years young and overweight.  I started training with Sandi and had amazing results in only 1 month due to her positive motivation.  I plan on continuing for years to come and I am sure with her help I can reach all of my goals." - Teresa VanOutrive

"Not only has the training helped take 2 minutes off my 10k running races, but it has also helped me stay mentally strong during those last couple of kilometers when you just want to stop." - Sandra Riedl Funk.\

"Sandi always provides the Personal Touch in her classes!"  Ann - Winnipeg, Canada.

"Always a great work out in Cardio-Box Class. Really enjoy it.  Marlene - Winnipeg, Canada.

"I was in Sandi's Boot Camp classes while living in Winnipeg and had such great results!  After moving to Ontario I struggled to find a place to workout.  I was so happy when Sandi created her dvds.  I got boot camp as a present and do it all the time!  I knew she'd find a way to me in Kingston, Ont.  So great working out with Sandi, Toni, & Sheldon at home.  I feel the burn!"  Lindsay, Ontario, Canada.

" I'm a big fan of Sandi and her business Body Balance.  I have done personal training sessions with Sandi and it was a great way to "kick start" me back into a fitness regime." Anna, Winnipeg, Canada

" I so enjoy my Wednesday cardio box and Saturday Cardio Sculpt and Yoga classes with Sandi!"  Carla-Winnipeg, Canada

“Since training with Sandi, my cardio & ball handling in soccer games have improved a great deal!" - Toni Rondinone.

Success story of Judith Mohammed

It was 2009 when my husband passed away and I started a new position at work.  My nephew got married and moved to Calgary.  He was like a son to my husband and me. My thoughts were everywhere and my focusing was not as strong as before. Where before if I was at work I would multi-task with my work and if I was at home I would multi-task with my chores etc.  I thought of Yoga classes and I discovered Body Balance through an advertisement on their outdoor sign.  So as I drove by I memorized the phone number and called and left a message on the answering machine.  Sandi answered back and I decided to attend a class. My Yoga class was with Leslie who I was very impressed with as she was an instructor who also did therapy techniques with Yoga moves.  Yoga helped me to breathe and ease my tennis elbow, neck and shoulder pain from sitting all day at a desk and Yoga has made me very flexable when completing my chores..  It also helped with my back as well. I felt better every time I attended.  The next session I had a different Yoga teacher who taught me more different moves.  I also decided to take Belly Dancing with Nikki and Fusion classes with Sandi.  This strengthened various muscles.  I came down to a size 6 pants which I have never worn in my life. I was small but the smallest I have ever been was an 8.  I even went to a size 10 for a while before coming to Body Balance.  I am now wearing between sizes 5 to 6.  The most amazing thing...was  taking Yoga classes with Sandi she could tell when your mind was not focused and would help you to get focused.  In each class she implemented different fitness equipment like a ball or band.  She would even give each of us in class a penny for our thoughts that we would place at the front of our mats to focus on throughout class and to stay in the moment. This really worked. I also tried Zumba with Amanda and Cardio Sculpt with Sandi. I love the music to go with this as your mind is not even on the exercising.  Sandi also gave a hint as to remember to breath which helps you get in and out of the moves very gently. I have met a lot of friends at Body Balance.  It reminds me of the show "Cheers" where every body knows your name, Smile. I have invited many friends and a few family members who compliment the sessions they've attended.  Thank you, my Body Balance family for helping me through the tough times in my life in many ways.  I had a strong mind before and even stronger now with a little more confidence as well.   





"When I arrived at Body Balance in the spring of 2013, I was living a completely sedentary life.  I was   older than my years.  I was always finding reasons not to move. I had unsuccessfully tried many diets; all left me feeling discouraged and heavier than when I started.  I knew I had to get moving but when I had tried to increase my activity in the past I always ended up with an injury.

Now, in just 6 months, I feel great!  I have more energy!  I feel like dancing!  I move differently.  When I walk my strides are longer and my gait is quicker.  I no longer rely on others to do everything for me.  I am the one running up and down the stairs to get something!  I feel happier.

The workouts Sandi has planned for me are both challenging and achievable. I feel successful.  I have lost 35 lbs.  I can fit into a favorite pair of jeans that I haven’t worn in years.

I am not sure where I am going on this fitness journey with Sandi but I can’t wait to find out!!"

Toni Rondinone



Elsie & Rhonda's

Check out Elsie & Rhonda's Journey of Success Video ! ! !

Find out how they lost weight & toned up & got strong in Body Balance classes!

Jerry, Denise, Serge & Gail

Retired folks living in RV's travelling the world and working out daily with Body Balance cardio box and cardio sculpt workout dvd's losing weight & feeling great!  Plugged in a laptop to the flat screen tv and voila! There's no excuse now...with Body Balance workout dvd's you can workout with the Team any where, any time, any place!


"I found my first two Pilates Class Sessions to be excellent for improving and maintaining balance and strengthening the core area and definitely think this is a great class for seniors who are interested in doing so. Sandi is an excellent instructor who keeps the needs of every class member in mind and adjusts the exercise accordingly to fit the students needs.  All exercises are clearly explained and the benefit for doing them. Classes include all age groups and everyone is made to feel welcome no matter what your fitness level.  I could definitely see the difference in the areas mentioned and look forward to attending another class in the fall."  


" I have been a Body Balance Boot Camp participant since 2010. To my surprise, Boot Camp wasn't as scary as I thought it would be and got me in the best shape I have ever been.  As my schedule no longer allows for me to attend Boot Camp, I decided to see Sandi for Personal Training and concentrate the workouts on areas of my body I wanted to improve.  Since the first personal training session I knew that Sandi's suggested workout regime was going to make a difference on the areas I was looking to improve.  Three weeks later I started noticing how my kids seemed "lighter" when I picked them up, my low back was not hurting, my core was significantly stronger, my posture improved quite a bit and I felt stronger overall.  Also, with my second pregnancy I developed diastasis recti and now, 2 years later I still had a gap of 1.5 to 2 fingers wide; six weeks after starting personal training with Sandi, the gap is now only 1 finger-width!  All these results in only six weeks working out 5-7 times per week!  It is because of Sandi that my life will never be quite the same, as thanks to her I am now obsessed with exercise and a healthier lifestyle which I can pass on to my kids."